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Global Markets with John Blank

Sep 26, 2019

Does Impeachment Help End These Trade Wars?

(0:20) - Ending The U.S. and China Trade War
(4:15) - Is The Market Still Bullish In Face of This Uncertaintly
(5:50) - John Blank’s Top Stock Picks

Sep 26, 2019

Did the Fed Do the Right Thing?
(0:15) - Fed Rate Cut Again: What Does This Mean?
(1:55) - Is There A Recession On The Horizon?
(2:50) - John Blank’s Top Stock Picks

Aug 29, 2019

The answer is yes. A monetary policy regime change matters.

 (0:15) - What Are The Current Challenges For Monetary Policy?
(2:00) - Central Banks Cutting Policy Rates Impact on Global Economy
(3:30) - Will We See A Fed Rate Cut In September?
(4:20) - What Reg Flags Should Investors Be Watching For and G7 Conference...

Aug 29, 2019

 It is NOT crazy to study global markets now.

(0:20) - What Has Been Causing The Market Volatility?
(2:30) - How Will Earnings Season Impact The Market?
(3:45) - What Could End This Volatility?
(6:30) - John Blank’s Top Stock Picks

Jul 23, 2019

Yes, tariffs slow growth. And yes, rate cuts help stocks.

(0:20) - China’s Troubles With Tariff’s
(4:50) - Tariff impacts On Europe and Global Markets
(7:00) - Are We At The Beginning Of A Earnings Recession?
(8:05) - John Blanks Top Stock Picks